How to calculate BMI

BMI Calculator for Women

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of body fat based upon a person's weight to height proportion. Simply put, it is the estimation of your body fat. It is useful to help you in monitoring your weight as well as avoiding health risks. The more fat you carry in your body, the greater the resulting BMI value.

Discovering what your BMI value is can be extremely advantageous in evaluating your general health and wellness. With this information you can decide whether or not to change your dietary workout routines more appropriately. For example, if your body fat is high, you could eliminate the extra calories you are eating daily. Likewise, if you find that you are underweight, you can therefore increase the calories in your meals.

If a woman is overweight she may end up being prone to diseases like blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, artery obstruction, and in particular situations cancer.

How to Calculate BMI

Using our BMI calculator above, you can conveniently calculate your BMI score. This way you can assess your physical fitness level. Make sure to use the correct measuring unit for your country. You can choose between the Metric System or the US Standard Unit of Measure. Once you have calculated what your BMI is, you can use the following BMI scale to assess your condition:

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  • BMI chart
  • BMI calculator
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  • Weight chart

A value between 25 and 29.9 means that you should engage more exercise activities to lower the amount of fat in your body. If you have a BMI value above 30 it means that you require medical help manage obesity. A BMI below 18.5 also means that you are in need of medical attention. You may be suffering from undernourishment.

BMI Calculator for Women

The same calculator is actually used for both women and men. There is really no difference when it comes to calculating BMI for either gender. There is however a difference when calculating body mass for teens and adolescents and even young children. There are many BMI calculators online but we decided to create a simple one with sliders. To use it simply select United States customary system of measure or the Metric system and use the sliders to choose your weight and height.

Making use of a BMI calculator is the most basic means to discover your physical health. Though it does not offer any kind of detailed information regarding the percentage of fat or muscle mass in your body, you can however get a good idea whether you are overweight or underweight for your height. With this information at hand, you can manage your nutrition and exercise appropriately. Preventing you from developing serious health issues.

Height and Weight Chart for Women

A height-weight chart is actually the same thing as a BMI chart. Therefore, to find out what your ideal weight should be refer back to the BMI making sure that your body mass index falls within the normal range. Another phrase that is often used when referring to it is “weight calculator”. No difference there either.

A final note. Please understand that the calculated values are only approximations and should be used as a rough estimate. People are different in their body structure which includes bone density, amount of muscle and other factors that vary with age as well. Women’s age also has a significant effect on the BMI values. With increasing age, your BMI value tends to increase. Therefore, it is normal for women to have a slightly higher BMI value as they grow older. But a value too high is always critical for their health, regardless of the age factor.


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