Breast Size Chart by Country

Presenting women's breast size chart by country. Feel free to use our interactive charts to give you an idea how you measure up with the rest of the world. We also provide an informative video and images that answers frequently asked questions about breasts.

Breast Size Chart

According to the latest surveys here is a list of average breast cup size by country. Keep in mind that women's breasts go up and down in size over their hormonal cycle.

Country Continent Cup Size Range 1-5
Afghanistan Asia B 2
Albenia Europe C 3
Algeria Africa B 2
Andorra Europe C 3
Angola Africa B 2
Argentina South America C 3
Armenia Asia/Europe C 3
Australia Oceania C 3
Austria Europe D 4
Azerbaijan Asia B 2
Bahamas North America A 1
Bahrain Asia A 1
Bangladesh Asia A 1
Barbados North America A 1
Belarus Europe A 1
Belgium Europe C 3
Belize North America B 2
Benin Africa A 1
Bhutan Asia A 1
Bolivia South America A 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe D 4
Botswana Africa B 2
Brazil South America C 3
Brunei Asia A 1
Bulgaria Europe D 4
Burkina Faso Africa A 1
Burma Asia A 1
Burundi Africa A 1
Cambodia Asia A 1
Cameroon Africa B 2
Canada North America C 3
Cape Verde Africa B 2
Central African Republic Africa A 1
Chad Africa B 2
Chile South America C 3
China Asia A 1
Colombia South America D 4
Comoros Africa A 1
Congo (DCR) Africa A 1
Congo, Republic of the Africa A 1
Costa Rica North America C 3
Cote d'Ivoire Africa A 1
Croatia Europe D 4
Cuba North America B 2
Cyprus Asia/Europe B 2
Czech Republic Europe D 4
Denmark Europe D 4
Djibouti Africa A 1
Dominica North America A 1
Dominican Republic North America B 2
Ecuador South America B 2
Egypt Africa B 2
El Salvador North America A 1
Equatorial Guinea Africa A 1
Eritrea Africa A 1
Estonia Europe C 3
Ethiopia Africa B 2
Fiji Oceania A 1
Finland Europe DD 5
France Europe C 3
Gabon Africa B 2
Gambia, The Africa A 1
Georgia Asia C 3
Germany Europe D 4
Ghana Africa B 2
Greece Europe C 3
Grenada North America B 2
Guadaloupe North America B 2
Guatemala North America A 1
Guinea Africa A 1
Guinea-Bissau Africa A 1
Guyana South America A 1
Haiti North America A 1
Honduraas North America A 1
Hong Kong Asia A 1
Hungary Europe D 4
Iceland Europe D 4
India Asia B 2
Indonesia Asia A 1
Iran Asia B 2
Iraq Asia B 2
Ireland Europe B 2
Israel Asia A 1
Italy Europe C 3
Jamaica North America B 2
Japan Asia A 1
Jordan Asia A 1
Kazakhstan Asia B 2
Kenya Africa A 1
Korea, North Asia A 1
Korea, South Asia A 1
Kuwait Asia A 1
Kyrgyzstan Asia A 1
Laos Asia A 1
Latvia Europe A 1
Lebanon Asia A 1
Lesotho Africa A 1
Liberia Africa A 1
Libya Africa B 2
Liechtenstein Europe D 4
Lithuania Europe C 3
Luxembourg Europe D 4
Macedonia Europe B 2
Madagascar Africa B 2
Malawi Africa A 1
Malaysia Asia A 1
Maldives Asia B 2
Mali Africa A 1
Malta Europe A 1
Mauritamia Africa A 1
Mauritius Africa A 1
Mexico North America B 2
Moldova Europe B 2
Mongolia Asia A 1
Montenegro Europe C 3
Morocco Africa B 2
Mozambiques Africa B 2
Nepal Asia A 1
Netherlands Europe D 4
New Zealand Oceania B 2
Nicaragua North America A 1
Niger Africa A 1
Nigeria Africa A 1
Norway Europe DD 5
Oman Asia A 1
Pakistan Asia B 2
Panama North America B 2
Papua New Guinea Oceania A 1
Paraguay South America B 2
Peru South America A 1
Philippines Asia A 1
Poland Europe C 3
Portugal Europe B 2
Puerto Rico North America B 2
Qatar Asia A 1
Romania Europe C 3
Russia Asia DD 5
Rwanda Africa A 1
Saint Lucia North America A 1
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines North America A 1
Salomon Islands Oceania B 2
Samoa Oceania A 1
Sao Tome & Principe Africa A 1
Saudi Arabia Asia B 2
Senegal Africa A 1
Serbia Europe C 3
Sierra Leone Africa A 1
Singapore Asia A 1
Slovakia Europe C 3
Slovenia Europe C 3
Somalia Africa B 2
South Africa Africa B 2
Spain Europe B 2
Sri Lanka Asia A 1
Sudan Africa A 1
Suriname South America A 1
Swaziland Africa A 1
Sweden Europe DD 5
Switzerland Europe D 4
Syria Asia B 2
Taiwan Asia A 1
Tajikistan Asia B 2
Tanzania Africa A 1
Thailand Asia A 1
Timor-Leste Asia A 1
Togo Africa A 1
Trinidad & Tobago South America A 1
Tunisia Africa A 1
Turkey Asia/Europe B 2
Turkministan Asia B 2
Uganda Africa A 1
Ukraine Europe C 3
United Arab Emirates Asia B 2
United Kingdom Europe C 3
United States North America DD 4
Uruguay South America C 3
Uzbekistan Asia B 2
Vanuatu Oceania B 2
Venezuela South America D 4
Vietnam Asia A 1
Western Sahara Africa A 1
Yemen Asia A 1
Zambia Africa A 1
Zimbabwe Africa A 1

Breast Cosmetic Procedures Stats

Since the year 2000, the overall cosmetic procedures for breast lifts have risen 89%. In 2015 there were 99,614 breast lifts and back in 2000 there were 52,836 breast lift procedures. These figures come from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) report released on February 25, 2016. You can find more about the ASPS by visiting their website here.

Facts about breast lifts and augmentation

In 2015 alone there were 279,143 procedures for breast augmentation. That's 31 percent higher than those done in 2000. [divider height="14"] As these numbers increase, this lowers the costs. As these procedures become less-invasive in nature due to better technology, it becomes more appealing to women to have their breasts lifted or augmented. It is important that before considering any of these surgical procedures that you consult with a certified surgeon, preferably one that has had the proper training of ASPS-member surgeons. Before you get a breast lift or breast augmentation you have to do your homework and make sure that the person doing the procedure is someone reputable.

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